• Theodore Miller is the Chief Tower Master, leader of the four magic towers.
  • He is the Former Master of the Seven Sins Grimoire Gluttony
  • Marquis
  • Vince Haidel´s Disciple
  • Baek Dongil's Mentor
  • Humanity's Last Transcendent


Theodore Miller was a passionate youth who had a bad aptitude for magic. He was frustrated for not passing the test to graduate from Bergen academy, which consisted of stepping into the third circle. Unable to find answers from his teacher, Theodore started to constantly read in the library. This attracted the ominous grimoire, Gluttony, who was searching for a worthy master. This was the dawn of a new Grandmaster in magic.

became the 8th circle, by force consuming the grimoire of death "Death's Worship", in episode 295

Is the last magician of 9th circle and the first magician of the 10th circle.

Level Chapter
2nd Circle 1
3rd Circle 13
4th Circle 32
5th Circle 61
6th Circle 118
7th Circle 166
8th Circle 295
9th Circle 350
10th Circle 393
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