• The Red Magic Tower didn’t focus on development as a magician but on fostering magicians specialized in combat
  • The four towers built in the north, south, east, and west surrounded the Magic Society, which stood in the center.
  • The outer walls of each magic tower was said to be painted in a colour which symbolized the four elements.
  • Among them, the place where the fire magicians mainly resided was the Red Tower.
  • It was the most militant magic tower which raised magicians excellent in battle.
  • The mercenary industry was filled with instructions that they shouldn’t confront a magician with a red robe.
  • Most of the members were excellent warriors who formed the core power of the Meltor Kingdom.

The magic towers, which defended the Meltor Kingdom, divided their magicians into five stages.

It wasn’t as strict as noble titles, but magicians did have to treat those higher than them with respect.

  • New members who had just entered the magic tower were Basic, while those with some experience were called Average.
  • People who built up fame and merits were Superior, whereas veterans recognized as pioneers of the magic tower were Prime.
  • Finally, the wise person praised as the master of the tower was Supreme. The Supreme was the absolute magician and could be called more precious than the seven sword masters of the Andras Kingdom. They were also the backbone of the Meltor Kingdom.
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