Randolph Clovis is introduced as a talented mercenary and the leader of the Wandering Wolves mercenary troupe, helping the estate of the Miller's that is under attack by waves of undead.

He, along with Theodore Miller and Sylvia Adruncus, enter the cave near the estate that holds Randolphs' ancestors twin swords. Randolph again meets Theodore in the trade city of Sipoto in the country Kargas and is his representative in a bid duel against the Orcus' Companies associates death knight, where he gets a glimpse of how to advance to the master level. Randolph travels with Theodore to a port city in Soldun while being chased by the Orcus Companies warlocks and they board a large passenger cruiser to the Pirate Archipelago. After entering the Pirate Archipelago and after Pride arrives to devour Aquilo, Randolph decides to help Theo, as it will allow him to help his friend and also better understand how to breach the wall of being a master. After fighting with Pride and nearly dying, Randolph grasps how to use his aura as a master and becomes a master with the ability of "speed". After returning to Soldun Randolph separates from Theo to return to Andras to get his sister Rebecca out of the country and flee to Meltor.

After infiltrating Andras the 2nd Sword, Zest, catches Randolph immediately and Randolph pretends to want to return to Andras as an aura master. Unsure if he is trustworthy they send him to Soldun to Duke Cornwall to assist him in his coupe after the emperor of Soldun dies. The 4th Sword, Pan Helliones, and his disciple and Randolphs' sister Rebecca travel with him in secret to ensure Randolph is trustworthy. Randolph baits Pan into a duel with Theo, and secretly arrives so they can fight him 2 versus 1. Pan has predicted Randolph's treachery and gives him the key to Rebecca's restraints, which Pan says will kill her in a short while. Theo tells Randolph to go save his sister, and Randolph leaves Theo to fight Pan alone. Later after Randolph and Rebecca return to Meltor, Randolph is used as a secret card of Meltor during the war with Andras, as they never would expect Meltor to have an aura master on their side. He fights with the 5th Sword, Delkur, but neither side is able to gain an advantage, as Randolph's twin swords are able to defend against her spear sword even with her ability hindering him.

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